Launching of the Corporate Citizenship (RSE, Spanish acronym) award


Olivia Martín

This past November 11, CubaEmprende launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) OASIS Award. Advisor Olivia Martín (MBA) gave an introduction to the topic of corporate sustainability, explaining the process whereby CubaEmprende--as facilitator for the business sector--will seek to contribute to validating and promoting entrepreneurship with a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental spheres. We define CSR as:

“a voluntary strategy that aligns a company’s economic growth with a positive impact on its internal and external environment in economic, social and environmental spheres, beyond what is established by law.”

We aim to follow and promote CSR principles as a corporate value, visualize existing examples of impact strategies, offer training to entrepreneurs and consolidate a triple-impact entrepreneurial network.

Professor William Bello stressed the base lines of the award when he introduced the OASIS Award. The same consist of submitting copies of the company’s various registration and incorporation credentials. Any entrepreneur whose business activity has been organized for more than one year may submit an entry for the award if he considers that his company has an impact on social, environmental or economic areas. Said strategy shall be gauged using six impact indicators.

  1. Capturing feedback for the company.
  2. Communication channels of management from the company.
  3. Supply chain management and quality control.
  4. Impact on community development.
  5. Protection of the environment.
  6. Working conditions and development of human capital.

Part of the launch included advisor Jessye Pedraja as moderator, who highlighted two examples of impact at the local level. Entrepreneur Yunairy Estrada (Yuyú) of Ciclo (Mundo de Papel) introduced her strategy for environmental protection. Through a strategic alliance with Fundación Antonio Núñez Jiménez, Ciclo started a line of recycled paper products that provides the foundation and other organizations with a variety of recycled paper-based products with zero environmental footprint. Bambú Centro—the second example of entrepreneurial impact--was presented by entrepreneurs Gisela Rodríguez Vilaboy and Carlos Martínez Romero. In operation for five years, Bambú Centro has a high impact on the development of its collaborators and the local community, while producing a complete line of furniture and decorative items made of bamboo as a strategy to broaden its life cycle.

We will be offering a CSR workshop from November 28 to December 2. Meanwhile, we are looking for CSR examples. If you believe you are having a social, environmental or economic impact with your company, write to us.

Write to and let us know your impact.

Invitation to the OASIS Award beginning on January 15


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