Three years in business


Equipo CubaEmprende

May has always been considered a special month, but for workers and friends of the CubaEmprende project--an initiative of the Havana Archdiocese to foster entrepreneurial spirit and to assist those who want to start a business or to improve an existing one--this month is full of special significance: celebrating once again the Project’s new anniversary of its journey, which began in the year 2012.


To celebrate these three fruitful years of life, various activities have been designed which, as in previous years, bring together entrepreneurs, collaborators and institutions closely linked to the project.
The session began on May 7 with the conference “How to Record Accounting Transactions” given by Professor René Abreu. The second activity was the graduation of the companies Pistolacer and JC Consultoría, which successfully completed the Business Incubator advisory services program. In addition, a photo exhibition of businesses that have already graduated from CubaEmprende was also inaugurated during this activity.
Another important moment was the meeting by sectors, created with the goal of bringing together entrepreneurs of like sectors and providing a space to exchange experiences and discuss common problems. On this occasion, companies from the sectors of “Photography and Audiovisual Media,” “Information and Other Technologies” and “Beauty Salons and Spas” got together.
Next, there was an exchange between companies and entrepreneurs that had received awards in previous anniversary years, as well as a second conference called “Entrepreneurship and the decision-making process” given by Dr. Ovidio S. D´Angelo.
Subsequently, a methodology meeting was held between instructors from the three departments of the Project: Havana, Camagüey and Cienfuegos, at which proposals were discussed and ideas exchanged with the goal of perfecting work methods and the implementation of services developed by the Project.
As a grand finale, the key closing event of the session was held this past May 29. The day opened with the promotional exhibition “Entrepreneurs” where more than 30 companies that graduated from the Emprende Workshop exhibited samples of their goods and services that showed the variety, excellence and creativity that can be attained by those who wager on the dream of having their own company. Moreover, this space was leveraged to conclude deals and commercial agreements between the entrepreneurs present.
significant moment during the closing was the presentation by CubaEmprende Executive Director, Eng. Jorge Mandilego, about the components of the CubaEmprende Project that entrepreneurs value the most.
Awarding the three prizes that CubaEmprende gives to those who have distinguished themselves in an exceptional way during the year was a very special event. The prizes awarded were: Best Business Plan, Greatest Entrepreneurial Spirit and Biggest CubaEmprende Promoter. The graduating companies were also introduced during this event, they were handed their diplomas and the support provided by various companies in developing the session was publicly recognized. Professor Raúl Gil, the event’s main organizer, and Eng. Jorge Mandilego gave the closing address.
To conclude the session, the attendees enjoyed a lovely instrumental music concert performed by three virtuoso musicians.



All the joy with which we celebrated this third anniversary celebration inspires us, in turn, to continue with our mission of supporting entrepreneurs. There are many months of May ahead, and this means contributing to forging a more prosperous society that favors human and economic growth for the men and women of Cuba seeking new opportunities for growth on the island today.

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