Impact of Expoemprendimiento 4th Anniversary CubaEmprende


Equipo CubaEmprende

The Expoemprendimiento 4th Anniversary of the CubaEmprende Project has evolved into a space for generating business ties and opportunities between companies from various sectors, as well as to help promote the participants’ goods and services. The event took place on May 25, 26 and 27 with 176 approved entrepreneurs representing 53 exhibiting companies and, according to estimates, around 1,500 persons attended as spectators. They were there to check out the ever more innovative and attractive products and services and were able to appreciate the quality and professionalism of the exhibiting companies in creating their stands and developing initiatives.

The testimonials of the entrepreneurs constituted the most accurate representation of what the event meant:

“For me, it was a new experience, I had never participated in a trade fair; building a stand was a great motivator, I was able to interact a lot with other entrepreneurs and with the public. I made contacts with other entrepreneurs who own stores to which I can sell my product and we made partnerships.

Xenia Placer Valdés, PlaXer Director (production of home furnishings)

“Thanks to the Project and to these events, an entrepreneurial culture, a business culture, of entrepreneurs, is being generated, you breathe in a very positive environment in each presentation and conference offered, creating a different space to exchange experiences, ideas. I even noticed that the exchange between businesses that offer similar products was very professional and satisfactory,”

Rubén Valladares, Director of Adorgraf (production of advertising containers)

“The exhibition surpassed my expectations. The spirit of solidarity and partnership among the participants was something I enjoyed to the maximum. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of so timely and rewarding a project. I left with a big bag of ideas for next year and I am sure that many participants felt the same way.”

Yamina Vicente, Director of D’corazón (decorations company)

 “For us, the trade fair was important for the following reasons: we strengthened our relationships with several of our customers (also present at the fair), we showed the new version of the ConoceCuba application, we were able to gauge its impact and users’ great feedback about our apps’ new features and functions (the app was installed for over 400 persons in just one day). We had the first live presentation of the Conoce a Cuba theme song and of our new identity.

On the other hand, we enjoyed the fair a lot because of the exchange with other entrepreneurs and the chance to show our products.”

Eliécer Cabrera, ConoceCuba Executive Director (business promotion app)

“Undoubtedly, our company has come away with great memories of our first trade fair and we are touched by the way the CubaEmprende Project makes us feel much greater ownership of our business or company.
It was an event where we learned to create partnerships, which unquestionably are a major resource to strengthen and position our company. We signed contracts with customers from the public, several agreements and a new pre-contract.
Our main objective in participating in the fair was to advertise and to represent CubaEmprende, of which we feel a part, and we really took away many experiences.”

Sandra Borrajo, Muebles Atlantis Business Chief

“The broad universe of persons who attended the fair seemed extremely interesting to us, not just entrepreneurs but the general public as well.

Our company consolidated existing bonds with various entities such as Tin Marin, we have already been approached by a variety of clients that learned about our services through the Expo, and we made initial contacts with certain suppliers.”

 Maylee Savournin, Sentir Eventos, (Club Salseando Chévere's event organizer)

“This type of events is always going to be very useful because it allows us to assess our business against others and to find new initiatives to improve and to be more competitive. Besides, it helps to promote our goods and services, thus allowing us to draw more customers to our store. This year we signed a contract with “Manos y Fantasía” as a supplier and we confirmed “Salseando Chévere” as a customer since the Expo’s 3rd Anniversary edition. We’re also planning to team up with D’corazón in a joint project that we are weighing.”

Gretel de La Rosa, Director of Tin Marin (children’s gifts store)

The event was the right space to verify entrepreneurs’ capabilities and talents and how much they can contribute with their companies to the development of our society.

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